How to activate wallee payment methods in Magento?


I do not see the wallee payment methods listed in my Magento shop admin backend and therefore cannot activate them. However I have uploaded the module and I see the module configurations under System > Configuration > Wallee Payment.


To see the wallee payment methods, you need to switch to the Website scope in your Magento shop admin backend. You can use the dropdown in the left upper corner under System > Configuration.

Once you have switched from the Default config scope to the Website scope, you will find the payment methods settings under:

System > Configuration > Payment Methods

By default the module automatically synchronizes the state of the payment method from wallee. Means when you activate or deactivate a payment method in wallee this will be sychronized into your Magento store.

When the payment method is deactivated in wallee you cannot activate it the backend of Magento. So the shown option is only useful when you want to deactivate the payment method in Magento but use it generally in wallee. This kind of setup may make sense when you use charge flows for which you want use different payment methods as you use for your Magento frontend.