What should I do to check the readiness of my Magento 2 store before installing the module?

Prepare Magento 2 for the plugin installation

Before uploading our modules files on your server for the installation of our module in your Magento 2 store, you should follow the below steps beforehand:

  1. Download the attached PHP script and rename it by removing the .txt suffix.
  2. Upload the script into the root directory of your shop.
  3. Run the following command on the command line: php cw-setup.php
  4. The script will provide extra commands which should be executed before installing the module.

Details about the script

The provided script generates a set of commands which should be executed to clean up Magento 2. The script itself is not executing anything. It only generates the command to be executed.

In essence those commands clear all caches and regenerated and compile any content. By doing so you can check if the Magento 2 instance into which our module will be installed is clean and does not contain any broken template or any broken PHP code.